Birkenstocks: When Ugly Becomes Trendy

You had the same thought I did about the undeniable go-to for hippies everywhere. As many trends do, they are subtle at first.  Building notoriety. Once photographed in Vogue, the market seemed saturated with 90’s revival.  Trend staples begging to be a distant fashion memory. Mom jeans, Patagonia jackets, and jelly sandals were on display. Despite the evidence that soon all would be apart of a trend for many seasons, I doubted the longevity.

Mae West‘s outlook on life was simple, “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.” Unfortunately, this does not always apply to fashion. Definitely not Birkenstocks. I tried Birks in silver with midi skirts with cropped leather jackets like I had seen on blogs.  I tried skinny jeans with wool trenches. I tried feminine rompers to balance what felt like Barney Rubble’s feet.  I tried them with yoga pants, carrying my mat to class… success. Some trends are not for everyone and not intended for everywhere.

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