the Law

There are photos I look at of a past outfit that now I find deplorable. Following true human nature I need to someone to blame other than myself. So I blame fashion icon, Coco Chanel. My dogma behind, “Coco made me do it,” came from witnessing many a fashion faux pas; some personal, some found out in the wild. This dogma places blame on the legend for giving out permission to break all the style rules one sequin at a time. Compare yourself to the lotus blooming out of sight beneath muddy waters. Disregarding these conditions, the lotus flower maintains strength, and pushes aside dirty obstacles making its way to clearer surfaces. Your dirty obstacles being your questionable taste in distressed denim. Your complete disregard for the weather to wear Ugg boots and a mini skirt. This said skirt may have been more appropriate as a belt. Or matching your shoelaces on every pair of sneakers to your studded belt. Please note, by you I mean me.

We all break fashion laws. Because we all know laws aren’t real until you’re caught breaking one. I apply this same logic here. Like pirate’s code or the idea of honor among thieves, think of fashion laws more like guidelines. Life is too short to wear boring clothes we aren’t expected to hit the mark every time. If we did what would we make fun of friends and ourselves for when scrolling through old photos.

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