Berkeley Thrift Haul

Polyester is a gambling man’s fabric and I bet the house at Mars Thrift.  I’ve stopped blaming myself, trying to hide my shame and started indulging the guilty pleasure.


I cannot say no to gold, cheetah print, or harem pants as of late. How you feel after that statement is probably greatly due to the fact that Metallics have been marketed to the gills in every silhouette around, and inherently in questionable fabric qualities.

If it faintly resembles lamé that could have been shimmying around the days before Studio 54 closed its doors, it’s mine. Bonus points for  Studio 54 opulence.



To satisfy my nostalgia since Clarissa Explains it All has been off the air, I buy all the baby doll cropped tees I see. Bonus points for black lace.

As for any affinity to animal motifs that I developed over the years I blame my mother, as we all do when someone calls us out on their idea of a fashion faux pas.  Harem pants are screaming to the world you can barely survive without your couch in sight but still remain more socially acceptable than a yoga pants/Ugg boot combo in my mind.  Be warned, if Harem pants do not speak to you in a convincing manner, do yourself a favor, save the money for a maxi skirt instead, you may be asked to explain yourself. Bonus points for Harem pants in cheetah heaven.


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