Do I need an outlet converter?

a California Child’s Cold Trip to Canada in Winter.


“You’re still in North America.”

Was the response shouted at me through text message. It has long been true that as a nation Canada is under the radar. So under the radar in fact I was convinced I was not prepared and I was not going to be able to plug in my essentials.

“It’s not the tundra. Bring a sweater, you will be fine.”

Even though I repeated those words to myself constantly while packing, there was some part of me that was certain the cold could kill me. It was that mentality on top of the American insistance to use Fahrenheit that when my Canadian Comrade was running around in tennis shoes excited Spring was near when the thermostat reached five degrees; I was still in a state of despair.

As it turns out the cold did not kill me. And I did not an outlet converter in Ontario.


The novelty of a frozen drainpipe. Before I could not imagine a place where this is possible.


Downtown Toronto at a balmy three degrees celsius



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